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Aruba or Curacao
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Aruba and Curacao, both two very beautifull vacation destinations.
Although only 15 minutes of flight away from eachother, and in many ways two brotherly islands, there are some major differences between the two if you are planning a vacation.

Since more travelers are familiar with what Aruba has to offer we will many show you a couple of things that speak for Curacao.


Aruba has been a very popular vacation destination for mainly the North American travelers for the last 20 years. Aruba a great destination for travelers who are looking for big, luxury hotels and large white sand beaches.
The sea in Aruba is calm and flat, perfect for water-sports like yet skies, windsurfing, kite-surfing and para sailing.

The main hotels are all concentrated in one long chain on the North-West of Aruba, turning that into the busiest part of Aruba where everything is going on. Outside this area, nothing much is going on on Aruba.
The concentration of the hotels on Aruba come with a lot of shopping malls, restaurants and bars. Aruba definitely has a good nightlife.


Curacao is very different from Aruba in a lot of ways. The island doesn't have such a long history of tourism like Aruba does, and many very nice tourist projects are still under construction.
Tourism on Curacao, unlike Aruba, is spread over the island. Unlike Aruba, the hotels and resorts are not stacked on one spot. Nice for people who are looking for more space and the sense of freedom.
On Aruba you can get a taxi to your hotel and easily entertain yourself without renting a car. On Curacao you need to rent a car to see the island. It would be a waist, not to rent a car, because there is too much too miss out on. It could also be a little boring without a car because there is usually not a lot entertainment in a 500m radius of your stay.
Curacao, you could say, is for more adventures people, who are looking for something other than the hotels and restaurants Who are not afraid to try something new, and still enjoy a beautiful caribbean island that offers blue, warm caribbean sea water, lots of different types of beaches and great ways to spend your vacation.


One major difference between Aruba and Curacao; diving. Although Aruba also has diving schools, Curacao is a much better dive destination than Aruba. Aruba cannot compete with the 82 dive sport of Curacao, of which most are shore dives! One vacation is not enough to see all the dive sites on Curacao. Curacao is always in the top 10 to top 3 of global dive charts.


Aruba is known for its wide and long white beaches and hotels. Curacao just doesn't have that. we sure have beaches, but they are more affected by the sea water because the water is deeper here. This leads to more rocky beaches, so the chance of you kicking your big toe into a rock is big!
This is not a problem though, because we do have seriously nice beaches. The west side of Curacao resides natural beaches and bays that you have only seen in the movies! Except for the weekends, these beaches are not crowded at all, which gives you the great feeling of freedom and true natural beauty when you visit these.

Sports and activities

When you ask for 'activities' in Aruba, they offer you a brochure with bus trips, maybe a jet sky ride if you are lucky!
In Curacao however there are many activities that all over the island, offering something different for those who are looking for it.

Historical sites and Willemstad

Curacao was the center of activity for many centuries and still is a very important industrial centre of the Caribbean. Apart from the Curacao industry and free zone trading activities, Curacao also resides a lot of historical group and buildings because of it's part in History.
Willemstad is a UNESCO world heritage for instance, those are very special places around the world!

Blue Curacao actually comes from Curacao, and you can visit their factory.

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