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SINCE 1998
Curacao Island Netherlands Antilles

We are curently busy collecting interesting links about(vacation) in Curacao.
It is not much yet, but we are working on it!

Very big and informative website about a lot of subject. Definitely an interesting website if you are looking for overall information about Curacao.

Curacao App

Curacao Travel Application (app) for Ipone and Ipad and Android

Fantastic. Stuffed with info of more than 600 listings including full contact info and position!

Royal Curacao

Royal Curacao

Good Travel information site for Curacao. Usefull tips and things to know.

Website is in Dutch

Dolphin Academy

Discover the mammal behind the myth, the science behind the smile.

Dolphins... the grace and beauty of their form and movement amazes us. Their playful, curious nature charms us. Their built-in grin amuses us. Our ancient desire to understand them has given rise to a wealth of myth and legend, but what are the realities about dolphins? Indulge your curiosity, and let Dolphin Academy's intimate and informative programs reveal how the truth about these magnificent animals is more fascinating than fiction ever imagined.
(source: dolphin-academy website)

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